Beat Sync and Auto Detect Transients - How to maintain the Beatsync&#3

Sorry if this has been asked already. Running 3.0.

This is my inquiry:

I have a break. I load up the Sample Editor. Beatsync the break, which changes the pitch (Good!). I then hit the Auto Detect Transients button, which automatically detects every hit in the break (Also good!). I then hit any of the corresponding auto mapped keys to trigger the slices, and it plays at the original pitch (Bad!). I notice when I hit the T next to the beatsync value in the Sample Properties pane, it shows me how far the pitch is changed by filling in the Transpose/Fine Tuning boxes. This at least lets me tune my slices to match the unsliced beat.

Is the only way forward from here to manually change the pitch of each Slice? Is there a better way? Thanks for your time!

one way is:

click that you will get transpose tuning numbers, hit it get values, than write those values on your slices, or beatsync sample render it as new sample and then you have allready beatsynced sample :)

You can select all the slices (click start sample, shift click last sample) and then change the pitch for all at once.
You don’t need to do this manually per slice.

didnt know that, awesome! B)

Holy hell that’s not so bad. Thanks!