Beat Sync option in Delay?

Line sync is really nice, a way to sync to 1/4th, “1/4th triplets”, etc would really rock

Yes. And the dots. I love those, but I am not entirely sure how to reproduce them.

The ability to beat sync to musical timings instead of lines would indeed be great, but overall it’s really not that complicated to calculate these timings yourself.

To calculate a triplet note, you divide the timing by 1.5.
To calculate a dotted note, you multiply the timing by 1.5.

So let’s say you’re working at 4 LPB…

  • 1/4th = 4 lines
  • 1/4th triplet = 4 / 1.5 = 2.66 lines
  • 1/4th dotted = 4 x 1.5 = 6 lines

In situations where you end up with a fractional amount such as 2.66, you simply need to apply the fractional part to the delay time offsets (only visible when beat sync is enabled). So 2.66 is simply a beat sync of 2, with L/R Offset both set to 66%.

For 1/8th notes at 4 LPB…

  • 1/8th = 2 lines
  • 1/8th triplet = 2 / 1.5 = 1.33 lines
  • 1/8th dotted = 2 x 1.5 = 3 lines

And so on…

…which is why the default lines per beat in Renoise is 12 instead of 6 – twice better precision timing for these kind of things, without even counting use of the delay column!! (:

except that the default is 4?