Beat Sync (preserve Pitch)

Is it possible to integrate a preserve pitch (when the tempo is changed) feature into the beatsync? this would save me alot of hassles and added noise from rendering my beats for processing in acid pro then reuse in renoise.




Apparently this is quite complex to do. Im not sure but I have read that the
MPEX2 algorithm by prosoniq claims to be the best. Unfortunately it is quite
slow (so not for realtime) and prosonic demands licensing fees for using it.

The “offset” method, or “stutter” method that is commonly used is pretty bad for
radical changes in length and cant be improved much upon.

The only way i would consider preserve pitch is just by assigning various loops to different keys and just set the base-key according to the official pitch and just forget about the beatsync.

But if you really are suggesting about realtime stretch or trim during tempo changes, yes this is quite complex to create and this will probably not work out nicely when the tempo / speed is being changed while a sample is already playing.

If it can not be done in realtime I would be very happy to have a option near the beatsyncer to resample the sample with the option to point it to a sample slot preserving the original.

agreed, i dont require realtime processing, if it could just save the pitch preservation into the sample, that would solve many many problems.

Or add an option to cut the beat into smaller parts, like recycle, and distribute it automatically.

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afaik, there’s two main methods of time-stretching with pitch preserving or changing pitch without changing tempo (same thing really) and those are formant shifting (hard, and uses lots of cpu, usually cant be done in real time) and granular (easier, less cpu and nowdays can be done in real time).

I’m not up to speed on formant shifting, but hope to be soon.

The most basic form of granular is stuttering or offset, but there can be better ways.
A good way is to take grains that smoothly fade in and fade out, pitch shift them appropirately, and arrange them so that the overall amplitude gain doesn’t change.

For simple lo-fi pitch shifting, try Tobybear’s MadShifta plugin.

Native Instruments Kontakt does the formant preserving timestretch quite well, actually even in realtime.

It has a sampler mode called “tonemachine” which allows for to synthesize any sample over several octaves (i.e without the sample being half length one octave up).
Very powerful.

Offset method is really stuttery when pitch shifts more than ± 20% IMHO

the MadShifta was exellent! :)