Beat Sync

Just had my first run with Renoise 2.0 and I love it. Thank you once again!

I use beatsync (or just sync) a lot . Load a sampleloop, cut it, sync it with a BPL of 4, set the sync value at 16 and everything works fine. After setting LPB to for instance 8, I have to change the sync setting according to the newly added lines, which is logical, but I would like to see it done automaticly.




There is something done with the Sync mode, it also cause d confusion but it should work like this (quote from the alpha forum):

This is a feature, but appearantly it does not update the sync value when LPB is changed, perhaps that is a bug or your idea is something that could be easily added to the current routine that already does the above…
What happens if you would cut the sample and repaste it? )(Or save and load the sample)

I played around with reloading and cutting samples at different lengths in the same instrument slot, but Sync wasn’t updated. In this case it stayed fixed at 32 or 128. (Very pleased with that btw) Sync behaved just like it would in 1.9.1.

I did some thinking about automaticly updating Sync when changing LBP. When I create a pattern at 4 LPB and then change it to 8 LPB, the ‘ticks’ aren’t automaticly scaled to the new LBP setting. From that point of view the unchanged Sync setting is the right one, because the loops are still synced correctly (it only sounds far from intended)

I don’t think its a bug. Just a missing feature.

Any thoughts?