Probably dismixed (mixing with headphones->DT 990 Pro) :

I had to distort the sub in order to make it perceivable with Laptop speakers. That took away some frequency space, unfortunately.

I like the main idea of the tune but it sounds a bit disjointed/lacking direction. Some of the levels were pretty off (the synth sound, low part of the bass etc). The main chopped melody could probably work better for me if it were simpler. Like simpler chops and a less tricky riff. It also gets repetitive pretty fast. The kicks at the end sound like a typewriter (in a bad way)

I liked the simple and to the point approach but the execution could get much better imo (it takes time)


thx for the extensive feedback ! Yeah, you are right. The end actually sucks. I just wanted metal kicks :yeah: And the mix is probably an impertinence. I have no monitors here. I’ve left them in my little remote “studio”, which I visit once in 2 weeks atm. But I want to learn mixing solely with headphones, because that is my main equipment for the moment. You are probably right in saying, that it takes time. I started this beat yesterday and instead of getting the mix right, I added more and more gimmicks and with fatigued ears I cannot mix anyway.

And initially this piece should have been a beat to rap on. But now it is so crowded, I doubt, that anyone can mix vocals into it. <_<

I have to change my workflow …

I just checked your songs. Highend !

I “remixed” it in a linear host. Now it doesn’t make one puke anymore. Arrangement is still improvable, though.

Bass sounds pretty good this time. Something is still wrong with that synth sound. It probably has too much weight in the low end. Drums are too synthetic for me but that’s probably something personal. I don’t like the piano being panned to the right channel with nothing to balance it on the left. So I’d either pan the chopped melody or something to the left and see how it sounds or find something else to get a wider stereo image out of that piano.

Arrangement is better but it’s still quite sketchy. But overall I’d say you’ve improved it in most aspects.

Thanks again for your valuable assessment ! Actually the piano and sample are each panned 4% in opposite directions, but you are correct, that the sample is present equally in both channels, so it must have been more on the right side in the first run, I must have ignored that. And you are also right, that the synth has too much bottom end.

I will mix (and correct the arrangement) very carefully when the vocals are recorded. The question would be, if you think, it is possible to leave space for a male voice in that mix, without muting one instrument. My workaround would be to mute the main sample, when the vocals set in. I wonder, whether it sounds good, if you have very wide (in stereo field) vocals interacting with rather narrow instruments. Will experiment, when I have a mic ready.

Don’t have much experience working with vocals tbh, but the lead vocals pretty much always sit in the center as mono. So it should be opposite. Main vocals being narrow and overlapping instruments being wide around it. It’s a high pitched sample so shouldn’t be hard to make them work together.