Beatbattle 1-4 Sample Packs

well I’d like to get renoise shortcuts and general functions down before I start making and tweeking my own samples. Are these sample packs still available?

thank you dear.

i did look, im just not that resourceful.

Don’t listen to HIM! Real innovative producers nowadays are ripping off other artists, preferbly from tha demoscene! :>

It should be like this: “Real Producers” “Make” Their “Own” Samples.

And express it on others’ albums (preferably a girl) for procrastination!

By the way, if you’re interested in making ring tones we can help you as well :D

I’m sampling this thread just now.

hahaha! hi hera! :)

lol. rass clots. all of you…

hey misk :D

rass clots?

yeah, you know those dont you? if you dont then your not a real producer, cos you dont make your own rass clots. ;)


perhaps ebay’s got a build your own rass clots kit.

rass clot = ass wipe (well, ass cloth, if you will)

just trying to help :)


lol cheers for the translation :P