Beatbattle Idea

Maybe a bit OT, but I thought I’d just share the idea, since we had a lot of fun doing this… I and a friend have had a couple of internal beatbattles with the basic concept of remixing a famous song. It started when I found an acapella version on Kazaa by accident and then I searched for more. It’s really fun to work with good quality singing and also to completely go berzerk on a song making it the style you like :D Just a tip for anyone who wants to play around a bit… :) Just search for ‘acapella’ with any sharing app.

So far we’ve remixed “I’ll fly with you” with Gigi D’agostino and “Oops I did it again” with… well you know who :P I’ll post them some day when I find the time…

This sounds really a cool idea!! A new beatbattle as a remix contest…
Thanx for the tip about the search “acappella”, I’m going to do a “50 cents vs. Eminem” song… B)

Problem is, this can’t be official beatbattles… Cos of copyright-stuff… :(

Tho it IS a cool idea for something that could be organized outside the official Renoise-community! :D

Thanks for the idea. Just did one myself. Would be really cool with a competition where everyone made a remix of the same track. Another hot tips. If you don’t find the acapella you want, try ‘a capella’ :)