Beatbattle Iv

for reals


Why hasn’t there??

Isn’t it time we started a fourth one??

Like… please? :rolleyes:


Since I havent participate on any Beatbattle because of no free time , I would love to create something using renoise.

How about a Christmas Beatbattle ? :yeah:

higgie miggie wiggie bam boom

Well, usually we have the beatbattles right after the releases. If someone wants to take care of them (managing the site / rules / entries) we could also have a christmas battle.

Since we’re planning to have new releases less often, it’s perhaps an idea to don’t connect beatbattles (only) to the releases. Christmas contest is a great idea :)

The theme could be also something about christmas :)

I’m for the Christmas battle…

Me too, let’s get down to business :D