Will there be a beatbattle IIII? :ph34r:



When 1.5 final is ready I guess…

Bring that on! :P

i hear it was warm over in europe today?

I could possibly host the beatbattle…

on the Terminal Dusk Website

i was not joking about hosting the beatbattle :) i think it would be great!
also my machine is still not back to full health and it is unfortunate

you’d better start organizing the battle… :rolleyes:


err… no, I better leave this to the official rns admins. That´s way too official for me right now and time is limited as well these days.

…AND… I badly need to participate myself, because I WANT ONE OF THESE FU***** RENOISE T-SH"I"RTS! :rolleyes:

I can’t believe that there actually was people who received the t-shirt :(
I was told I was granted a t-shirt because of winning BeatBattle 1, man I wanted that so badly… :mellow:

Now that was a meaningful typo :blink:

how would this beatbattle work? Some dude would provide us with some nifty samples or we could use any sample we’d like to make something fancy?

Would you like to know more?

yes please.

oh snap.

That was never a remix competition. You can do everything what you want which fits in the chosen competition theme and what the provided competition samplepack gives you or better say what you make out of the samplepack :)

…and no vst’s allowed:] anyways! i want a renoise t-shirt aswell! i’d even use a t-short :D

no vst’s? Was this a joke? The seriousness of the claim made me quote and question the legislation. Yield to my inqueries!


so has the comp started? where the link?

there was no vst’s allowed last compo. my oppinion is that there shouldn’t be any this time either!
some rules that was on beatbattle III;

The theme :

Party music.
By this we mean any music one can party to (house, jungle, hiphop, etc… )

Rules :

  1. You may use ONLY samples from the sample pack.

  2. You may only use Renoise (the latest version available from to produce the track. This includes sample editing (so no cool edit or wavelab etc…)

2b Exceptionally, you ARE allowed to convert the samples from stereo to mono using any external editor.

  1. No external VST’s or VSTi’s are allowed but you can use all Renoise’s internal DSP effects.

  2. As this is an open source battle, no mp3 submissions are allowed. Only RNS files will be accepted

Filesize :
Your RNS file must not exceed 800kb when zipped.

i totally agree with these rules. since this is a voting-battle, and you’d have to download every entry, downloading a bunch of vst’s would be a little too exhausting. after all there’s probably going to be alot of contributers :huh: And of course, No converting to mp3! we want to see the trackingskillz aswell :ph34r: however, celsius is the one that decides the rules? ;)

Which reminds me, where is the mister?

I’m all for a beatbattle, didn’t participate in the others due to lack of inspiration, but now I’m all game!!!

I like these rules!

let’s go go go go go!