Beatmaking (Hip-Hop)

Here it is:

cool, nice effort!

Turntablism sans the turntable? I know I’ll end up using this technique a lot from now on, thanks man.

terrific vid!!
Renoise is simply the bomb for sampled based hiphop:)

good work. didn’t expect you to use scripts for some reason.
do you like the auto slice feature built in to renoise?

i use that sustain trick on the samples too :)

Nice vid!


I wanna get an akai, but I cant really convince myself to spend the cash. what more purposes does it fill for your music making? do you use it live?

Yes I do like the autochopp feature but as I usually slice into 16 slices or 8 slices it would be nice to have
a feature that chops the sample into 8,16, 32 equal pieces by default (MPE includes it)

And it occurs to me that this feature combined with the transient detection would be the bomb because some breaks has not a perfect timming…

I don’t use it live (it is quite heavy 9 kg or so…) but it is definitely the best keyboard controller I’ve had.

Before buying it I made a market study to see and compare, also an article by Just Blaze the hip-hop producer, saying the akai was the best controller at the time, definitely pushed me to choose it, instead of getting an mpc 5000…