Beatslaughter - Frozen Dawn

Here is a rushed song from me done for a competition held by Tonehammer recently. The song hasn’t made it into the finalists selection but maybe someone enjoys it anyway.

Download | Stream | [b]XRNS


wow… so far, 1st and 2nd place sound like loads of crap.
I’m even more sorry for the jury and their missing objectivity.

Well, looks like you should now extend the tune as we spoke before. :P
This tune deserves to be more than just beeing a tonehammer compotune only!

I liked the song, but in my opinion it is missing some “crystal” counterpart to the dark instruments sections; you know, those tipical instruments which give the sense of ice. When the drums stop, it would be good to hear some icedrops falling…

Wondered a bit too, but obviously they have preferred shorter soundscapes of some sort instead of full tracks. Place 3 and 4 were pretty good though and i liked them. They have judged and i have to accept that, in the end it’s still a track worth listening too, so nothing was lost. :)

Also i can offer the XRNS of this song to anyone seriously interested in remixing it. It only uses two Windows VSTs, Sanford Bass Tightener and Reverberate LE, which are both free, the rest is Renoise 2.5 B4 native. It’s a bit messy with lot’s of channel reusage and please don’t ask if you just want something for your XRNS collection. :P

Have to agree with you here but i’ve struggled quite a bit to get it done in time and the outcome isn’t really what i had imagened first. Time was running out too quickly and the given sounds had practically no leads, pads or other somewhat melodic things. The bass, pad, lead and sub are all the same sample, which is a tiny part cutted out from another one, then looped and tuned. Not owning Kontakt to load the multisamples properly was a pity too somewhat. :(

Deserving of a dark evil futuristic film being made for it.

Nice dark experimental sound. I am really enjoying it so far. Please extend it. Would also be interested in hearing remixes. 2:57 towards the end. Haunting. Loving the sounds. Could listen to something like that even without a beat and be content.

I can see it now. Instead of those electronic devices that play soothing sounds - seaguls, the tide coming in, birds etc, have something like this for when you don’t necessarily want to surround yourself with nature - but technology.

Since it’s the cold time of the year again and this is one of the few songs where i have not used a shitload of plugins, i have decided to release the XRNS of it. You can grab it from the first post if you want.

my feeling about this song it’s like meet people in circle around a fire in the forest and whe discuss about spiritism i will listen your other songs :panic:

thanks il have a butchers at it

Dark as fuck. I don’t even think there’s need for any light synths or icey sounds above it; if anything, I’d add vocals somehow. Sounds huge though, gonna grab the .xrns and look at the production :)