Beatslaughter - Innere Leere

Done for the compilation “Cycles” released at Camomille.

Download (7,6mb)

This song is full of win… I absolutely love what you did with the distorted pitchbending synth that starts around 1:45… and the beats are so mechanically organic, it makes me happy :)

Oi, my tune was done in Renoise as well :) The whole compilation is great stuff. Everyone should check it out!

I had the pleasure of watching this song go through it’s various gestation stages. It’s good to hear it in it’s finished form.

Dark, animalistic sci-fi, a future-primitive. Supreme crisp sound design as always, with enough dynamics for the most experienced of sound adventurers to get lost in. Beginners take note: not one part of this is the same as the part before it. Total flow.

Excellent ++.

Only after 1000 posts is this possible.

Back on topic, I’d like to feature this song as well as a few others on InDepth…

What is your article about? I’m curious. :)