Beatslaughter - Lethargie

Here is a small demo song i’ve done for a commercial sample pack project. It’s pretty short and was planned to be released as a small 5 track EP later. The sample pack got released meanwhile, so i’m publishing this song as a small appetizer and will do the rest of the tracks sometime in the future. :)

Beatslaughter - Lethargie

Surprise me.

The samples are fine. And I love the sound.
Yes, it is an appetizer. It is not very exciting at the moment, but good for background.

Very nice stuff! My only real criticism is that some of the percussion sounds a little bit too mechanical or computerised for a triphop/downtempo track. The timing on some of the sounds feels a bit too perfect, which can be slightly off-putting for this kinda music, imho. It might help to give the track a more natural vibe if you apply a bit more swing/groove to it, perhaps around 20% in Renoise’s song settings tab.

Very nice crispy drums!! :walkman:

I like this, bit of a different vibe to your previous stuff. I think dblue is very right about the beats, something needs to be a little more ‘slack’ and ‘lazy’ about them.

Now you need Del Naja MC’ing over it with some female crooning up in the background!

Thanks for the feedback! Guess it’s more about the humanization and a bit more imperfect feeling in the end. The song has already a groove setting of 70,50,70,50 applied to it.

Really? Wow, that’s pretty heavy, haha. It’s very strange though… I definitely do not get a feeling of such a strong groove from the track. Perhaps some weird side effect of the particular way it’s structured… very odd!

too short, mate. :( I’m eager to hear more of this sound!

super tasty, got a nice smooth groove with some added grit. :) looking forward to the rest of the project!

i like it, the atmospheres are nice.
again i can agree with the comments about the quantisation of the groove, something is slightly amiss. i wonder if it would be worth trying to fine tune some loops where the beats are manually placed without quantisation in audition or soundforge or something to get the groove spot on and then building it around those loops? just an idea, its something i keep meaning to try but i never get round to, but i think this is becoming a popular way to do things, you can hear it in burial and flying lotus type stuff.

Mind penetrating drums… catchy atmosphere. Very well done. I say it could be more variant, but just a minor note.

It makes remember the pubs in Wedding (Germany) before the clubbing time :walkman:
I like when a composer has a good sense of balance when mixing sounds, like you did.
Only one thing: what about adding a vocal sample? Something like “El capitalismo” vocal from Gotan Project.

When the whole EP is finished the “less variations” critic should be quite obsolete i hope. Since the songs will all be rather short it’s planned as one bigger picture, with all 5 tracks forming a listening experience. I’ve thought about adding vocals, but haven’t done anything specific in that regard yet.

@ ANAS TANGI: If you mean the district Wedding in Berlin, that’s nearly around my corner here and regarding that vocal, i’m usually staying away from text snippets i don’t understand a word of. :)

Yeah I mean the district! ^_^ I lived in in Berlin Wedding for almost 1 year (2008) and it was for my hunger of music culture. I miss Berlin somtimes, but how are you doing there? Alles gut?

Concerning the sample, I don’t like lyrics in my music, but sometimes it is just the sample that sounds good.

kind of classic. that vibe sound stuff … you know, … maybe not ;)

tho’ had to cut alot of high freq. here to get it alright with my ears.

Love it :)

I like this departure.