Beatslaughter - Prepare

Originally meant as intro for another project, this one got sorted out. It rested for a while on my harddisk, but i’ve now decided to put it out in the wild.


Woah, that one left me hanging, wanting more.

But yeah, as an intro, it was great! Very dark and creepy.

Insane as always… I’m totally addicted to how you chop your breaks

What about a live performance in Montréal?

Excellent. Good to see this evolve into it’s final resting place. The “ooos” in the fake choir are exquisite. Powerful opening piece!

I feel there’s a little too much pumpy overcompression on the master, especially around 1:39.

crunch!!! , what are we preparing for actually ? makes me wonder ^_^

awesome energy in this , yay.

Thanks, glad you’ve enjoyed it. :)

There is not much chopping going on, except in the last part, where i’ve rendered a drum sequence to a loop, which makes it easier for double speed effects, the rest is all one shots. Regarding a live performance, i’ll doubt i’ll ever do one. ;)

Noticed that little part too, but it’s actually a volume envelope from that synth causing this little step. Tried to fix it, but it sounded slightly weird, like a misplaced note, so i left it in as is.

Not sure, but i might’ve told you on IRC about it, otherwise… :P

good stuff, kinda reminds me of some gridlock

great intro, with a lot of tension and atmosphere - i absolutely dig everything until the break at around 1:02. from there on, the tune leaves the realms of my musical understanding as it blends into something which reminds more of a soundscape than an actual “score” … but we already had this matter discussed a few times in the past, so … nevermind me ;)