Beatslaughter & Ptrance^rayn / Bluflame - Crowbar Massacre

Here is the collaboration track between ptrance and myself for Evoke 2008, it ranked 7th.


it really is THE shit.
i absolutely love the juicy timbre and crispness of the mix.
an absolute masterpiece for what it represents.

unfortunately the crowd doesn’t seem to be too open minded for a rough dnb tune with a certain degree of experimentalism.
even though 7th place out of 25 ( 10 tunes didn’t make it through the preselection ) isn’t too bad either.

way to go!

I’m speechless!!!

And there’s not much ptrance in it. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but I like the result too!

We all know 7 is a special number… ;)

Terrordance. Gogogogogogogo! This song HAMMERS.

i’m especially in love with that break starting @1:22.
gettin’ goozebumps when the tom tom’s join.
seriously sick sound design.


now that’s a banging tune! drums feel rather snappy :drummer:

I don’t care about, but in this is definitely the besssssssssssssst!! :D

Very enjoyable tune