Hello. I’m pretty new to Renoise and the world of tracking so… this question might seem a little weird:

Is there any description on how to get Beatsliceing into sounding good? I mean… I know the basics of it (how to do it, and such) but i just can’t seem to get it to sound… good…? :P

Don’t know if anyone will be able to answer this… but it’s worth a shot… :)

Can you give any examples of what “sounding good” is? Maybe artists or tracks you like… ?

It depends on what you want to have good.
Another trick required to know is:Smaller samples makes it easier and more precisely possible to do better beatslice timing (if you use the 9xx effect commands and so forth)
The larger samples you have, the more generic the 9xx pointers will become.

So just cut up your large samples into smaller pieces and load them one by one in an instrument and then apply the offset commands upon the smaller samples.
Use the sampler to quickly scan which offset point you require and read the 9xx value for that offset on the lower right of the sampler window.

Ehrm… Patrick Wolf is probably the best example I can give u. His first album (Lycanthropy) have lots of beatslicing.

Ok! That sounds like a good idea! :) Thanks!

Ehrm… do any of you guys know any good programs for creating drum-samples? (I’m currently using FruityLoops).

hmm… do you mean to synthesize/model your own single hits? or do you mean a program to program breaks…
If you’re after the latter I’d say your sitting in front of it, man!
Renoise is the bomb for creating your own breaks…
it’s a very apt drum sequencer if nothing else… If you’re hunting for software
to create single hits there’s a world of free VSTi’s out there that’ll do the trick.
You make up your mind whats good or not… check out; for starters…



For programming your own drums I could highly recommend drumatic

check out Phatmatik Pro… really love this one! :w00t:

bBitshiftaudio Phatmatik Pro

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No, I’m not ashamed of self promotion. :D

cool. nice one. :)

:D gonna check it out. What about a screenshot on the web page???

selfpromotion is the only way to get thigs out there…
almost… :blink:

i would say that FL studio (fruity loops) is quite good for making your own loops/breaks. So if you have renoise and FL studio already then you have quite powerful tools man: just go and experiment/learn/create. There is no wonderprogram that that will make “good” music just like that…

On the german Keys magazine was a full version of Native Instruments Limelite Solo, which is somewhat unique to create interesting drum loops. I bought issue 04/05, maybe you can buy a copy somewhere.