Beatslicer, Sample Keyzones, How The Hell..?

Alright, I probably should go to bed but im frustrated at so many points at the moment I’m wondering if somebody can help me with this…
I just don’t get the sample keyzone/instrument settings/beatslice thing.

I load up an incredibly clean dnb sample. I want all the hits to be under my fingertips so I put the markers, which slice automatically.
The markers won’t snap to zero crossing, (or am I missing something? Snap to zero crossing is on, click markers, no snapping, all samples clip at the end)
Then, whyyyyyy can’t I just edit all the samples seperatly?! I want to take a little of the tail of the snare without having the following hihat sample taking that piece at the start Or setting another marker and thus having an ‘empty’ sample on my keyboard.

I’ve been fucking around for 90 minutes now, didn’t get anywhere and am about to smash my computer screen. (I’ve had waay more problems when I started this thread but I sort of figured them out, though some of them don’t make sense to me at all)
I tried looking for tutorials but all I can find is vV explaining the wonderfull world of layering samples with the layering sample keyzone tab (which wasn’t possible before ofcourse <_< )

I’m sorry for being this cranky but since the update I’ve ran into these workflow problems again, and again, and again, and again which drive me batshit insane. Normally I figure them out (workaroundsss) after a while but I hate having to learn everything all over again, I can’t get anything done like this and don’t like starting Renoise as much as I used to.

This tool solves this problem: