Beatslicer - Vst Sample Cutter?

i need a beatslicer that is free of charge… ala INTAKT.
Anyone have a idea about that type of thing?
and offcourse… i really like vst plugins that use little amount of memory.
please help me out here… :(

I don’t really know about memory usage… and I never used Intakt… but this little bad boy is welll worth a look :)…nav=9&p=8&kat=0

Do you use the pugin Parsec? I don’t understand how to use it. Maybe you can help a bit…

Sure but… :huh:…actually I don’t understand how to use it :P
Or better… I was able to squeeze some result out of it but it took a certain number of random attempts. Since I have never seen it working at the first attempt I guess it’s maybe not totally Renoise-friendly… ? Anyway…
I got it working like this:

  1. Build something
    You can write your drumline but a simple loop will do the trick. Synch it with tempo and write the note down. When you’re happy with your track add Splonki at the end of the chain…

  2. Add and hope
    Open the Splonki editor and notice that it has a certain amount of “slices”.
    Most of the time the original audio data is not coming from that channel anymore… and that’s the tricky part because sometimes you find out that the “slices” space is filled with some waveform.

  3. Freeze the slices
    If you manage to see/hear the waveform in the “slice-editor” then you can press “Freeze-buffer” to keep what you have there… now this is what you’ll play when activating this bizarre plugin (playing the track). Each slice can be modified in a certain amount of different ways. You can press different tabs and see each time a different editor with a set of differently coloured bars.

  4. Like many editors
    There is one critic tab you don’t want to miss: READPOSITION.
    This tells Splonki where to read the buffer… something very similar to our SampleOffset track command. REVERSE is a on-off switch that tells the plugin to play the slice backward… you can find a CUTOFFFREQZ and relative RESO to apply certain filters on the buffer… and other stuff I don’t remember right now. What you hear will always very closely remember your original beat unless you change the ReadPosition bars/sliders…

  5. Mixdown
    At this point, when you’re happy with your re-organized buffer, I suggest to immediately render it down to a sample with the incredibly smart “Render Selection To Instrument”. Luck is not forever…

I was not able to use it regularly but it has great potential inside, I can FEEL IT move his right hand like a Jedi
Other experiments are needed.

Thanks, I’ll try it again

Phatmatic Pro

pHATmatik PRO

this one was nice!
the interface and the pretty colors! :D

thank you Enigmatic. Super Advanced member!


and thanks to: Parsec

for super quick help and readyness!
nifty little thing that you presented to. :blink:

Yes, Phatmatik is a grat tool… but Splonki has a great advantage over it… you don’t have to pay to put your hands over it :P

:lol: never mind :) ah… and welcome aboard :yeah:

Can somebody explain to me the usability of wave slicers in a wave based tracker? What can they do at a lower cpu power what renoise and its sample editor can`t ? To me it does not make much sense. I just split the beat, make an instrument of it and trigger it as I desire.

Yes, I perfectly see your point, escii.
My opinion is that not everything can be done the way that SampleOffset works. Yes, the SampleOffset demosong is nice and tricky… but we still lack a good “handle” on what happens. Offset is known to have bad resolution/positioning because of its heritage from the patterncommand numbers.
Different suggestions have been made… including the “Wave-markers” to precisely trigger waves of any lenght at any desired point… but I don’t know if any of these ideas was seriously considered from developers.
(Hey Devs, was any Wave-marker related suggestion took into consideration?) :)
Last idea is that such beatslicers are sort of a All-in-One solution where you can quickly edit more than the simple waveform. The resulting sound goes through filters or maybe other dsp… still sounding as one groove flow…
So maybe people is using beatslicers to be faster…
I do not want to exclude the idea that people is just too LAME to edit sample for themselves… I just HOPE it is not like this :lol:

right on! the quick way to chop the little loop into bits and just lay that beat that’s on your mind down in the tune…

I’ve found the 09 function, combined with the wave editor, does more than enough for chopping up waves … better than 99% of things I’ve tried, just takes a little bit of getting used to …

Welcome aboard Pro_Xy… :)

It obviously depends from your idea of “enough”.
As I told, the SampleOffset (that’s what you call “9 command”) does not have what I would call an “excellent control” and even if it allows some pretty nasty trick it still misses a “tight grip”. The problem is that you can only deal with a limited number of positions along the wave with patterncommands. The longer the wave, the less you control it. This is a very well known issue with this feature… and everyone here is aware that in the future new-different methods of controlling sample playback might be implemented…

true, true, but when you’re talking about a 4 bar loop, 255 slices should be more than enough, no?



So I suppose :) It’s not impossible to have cool effects with SampleOffset.
Renoise comes with a demosong featuring such nice handling of this command.