Beatslicing: Freeze Slices To Samples

Currently, when using beatslicing, the full functionality of the Sample Keyzones editor is not available. This is unnecessary from a design standpoint – not necessarily so from an implementation standpoint, but still, there is a solution.
Can we have a “Freeze slices to samples” option for sliced instruments? This way we can use full Sample Keyzones functionality regardless of how we initially decided to slice the beat.

This will allow for quick beatslicing but also the ability to “get things out of automatic newbie mode” and start customising the hell out of the keyzone mapping. The obvious ‘sacrifice’ here is that the convenience of slice-relative 9xx commands would be remapped to notes instead. Actually, that’s not really a sacrifice because it ‘unlocks’ 9xx’s original functionality, which is to allow fine-grained sample-start offsets.

(Future: add the full alphabet into the effects columns and use “Sxx” for Sample Slice. The meaning of 9xx has become conditional to the “I am beatsliced” flag on an instrument, which feels like a convenience ‘hack’ at the expense of data integrity. Renoise is for smart people.)

(Related gripe: it looks as though sliced samples ‘take over’ a whole instrument, prohibiting any further samples from being loading. This feels unnecessarily limiting but I’m aware the beatslicer design is actually instrument-centric, rather than sample-centric, i.e. the flag that goes “I am beatsliced” hinges from the instrument, not the sample. Perhaps a future feature would be to move the ‘sliced’ property from instruments to samples, IMHO where it really ought to be.)

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I am with you on this one

Oops, duplicate of Slicer , Create Individual Drum Map From Slices

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Just to explain why keymaps are read-only, are auto-managed:
If you change an existing slice set, the key map has to be updated to get the new slices mapped, or deleted slices removed from the map. Same for moving slices around.

If you would have created custom maps on a sliced sample, there’s no longer a way to find out how to update that custom map automatically. Only you would know how to do so.

By automatically managing slices, we can also update all existing notes and 09 effects in the patterns, can reorder them so that things sound as before.

I understand this, I’ve already played around to see what’s been automated (I like it, don’t get me wrong!)

I am proposing to either allow me to stop automanaging the keymapping for (some) slices explicitly, or allow me to freeze the slices to samples (hacky but, except for being a non-destructive edit, effectively the same thing).
So far as I can see, there is no logical reason automatic keymapping ought to be so tightly coupled to slicing.

p.s. I really love that drumkit mapping can target white keys only, that’s a nice touch, especially seeing as how an octave of white keys fits 8 slices of beat very nicely :D