my english is not the very good but i try my best. i wanted to sync a beatsample but when i activate the beatsync the pitch swing up also. i didn’t find any option which makes it possible without that. but it must be possible cause in the “tutorial5 - beat slicing” it works finden. please help me cause i think renoise is the program i was searching for, if there wouldnt be that problem.
btw: is it even possible to change the pitch without changing the tempo?


That’s not possible to do in Renoise. At least not yet.
In that demo song it’s done using a different method. That method might suit you or not - depends on the case, too.

If you want a free time stretch app you might try reaper 0.999:

Do you know which method they use in the demosong? :blink:

but when i use the sample offset commands the speed of the sample doesnt change

i mean the sample isnt syncronized to the BPM

well then i guess i have to arrange the samples manually. thank you guys

Follow these steps for a work around:

Beat Sync Loop
Render Track and Save
Load into Kontakt
Slice Smaple
Export Slices to individual keys
Then programme the beat back into Renoise.
If you find it hard to re-create the beat, put the rendered original loop on one channel and thne put your programmed beat into another and copy where the hits hit.

Once you have the hits programmed you can pitch down on Kontakt to return to the original pitch.

Very simple to do and you’ll love the results!!

But yeh!!! Roll on Timestretching in Renoise!!!

Except for the part where you have to pay several hundred dollars for Kontakt, right? :D

That’s just a minory thing that involves a few years saving.
With a little luck the product turns into a bargain and Renoise might already have a time-stretcher by that time. (So you can spend your money on a real good plug)

In my mind, every PC based music producer should have Kontakt. It’s an awesome piece of kit and well worth shelling out for.

I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Be honest, show us the receipt…

I too, will pass.

He probably meanted Intakt, it’s more worth it than Kontakt: it has the feature a lot of Renoise users drewl about;
Intakt has a beatmachine with a slicer. The ease of use with that is you can insert a sample of any length and set various offsetpoints to play it in. Each slice can then be assigned to a (semi)tone key on your keyboard.
So you either can create a percussion kit out of your drumloop or just partition (split) vocal tracks into (pattern-sized) sections.
The slices adapt themselves to the tempo of the host, it also has timestretching possibilities.

I have a limited version of Intakt that came with the Adrenaline sample library.
Kontakt is indeed not really interesting, the limited edition i have came with Symphonic Orchestra.
If you really need a softsampler, i rather suggest VSampler instead. It may not be the very best, but it is a lot better alternative to Kontakt. (It also supports a larger range of external audio formats, like AKAI cd’s)
Owh, VSampler has a beatslicer as well.
(duh, just a fast comparison… Vsampler has a lot more good options in contrast to Intakt, even the price is cheaper)