Beatsyncing Sample

I would like a little more detail on how the beat sync mode for samples works. I know I could work this out when I next have time to sit in front of renoise, but would be nice to know in advance.

So what precisely does the beat sync do? Does it adjust the rate the sample is played back at, thus changing the frequency and meaning that it will only be beatsynced when played at base note (or octave pitch?)

Or does it sync it by time stretching, meaning that a sample can be played at different pitchs and still be kept in sync?

I know which way I would prefer it did it :)

Beatsync is the best thing since sliced bread. :) It adjusts the sample rate (not timestretching) so that it takes x steps (which you define) to play the sample from start 'til end. In this mode it doesn’t react to what note (how high or low) you play but simply triggers the sample. If you change the bpm of the song from say 120 to 150 it accordingly rise the playback samplerate.

I really like this feature, especially when playing with drumloops and similar, if that doesn’t already stand out from the text above. :) Very timeconsuming.

So it locks the pitch to keep it in sync. Cool, well now I know.

Been thinking of using it for remixing, geting vocal accapellas to fit. that sort of thing ;)

Going to take a while cutting things up in the right place though :-/