Beauty Of War (Battlefield 3 Inspired Beat)


EXCELLENT!!! I love this stuff :drummer:

Shot for best custom soundtrack? :lol:
Nice track, I also really liked the trailer, but it’s not my thing. Shooters just don’t captivate me these days.

Two thumbs up for this. Super enjoyable piece! The synth like plane engine roaring (0:55) rocks the house. :panic:
Distorted Battlefield beat is off-key at the beginning in certain places.

I’d tweak the ending to be more dramatic. Abrupt or again with Battlefield beat rather than fading out. Your call, though.

Also, I’m drooling waiting for BF3 if only for the gfx. But I think it’ll be a CoD killer, too. :dribble:

my biggest fear about this was about the loudness, i’m glad no-one made a comment about that yet :).

the roaring engine synth was pretty fun, i passed it a few time but could not find a good track to use it on… finally…

about the off-key battlefield noise, i don’t hear it but hey i’ve been listening to it so many times, maybe it is a bit, tho considering it’s such a trashy noise sounds it can be interpreted in so many ways :)
as for the ending, so many ways to end a track, all are good ideas, slow fading seemed more appropriate at the time :).

thanks for the comments !

The track indeed is sheer nice.
The game looks pretty swell too, but i hope the footage hasn’t been taken with the most top notch GPU controller available because the FPS doesn’t look great…

No complaints, deliberate (or unintentional) off-key often makes surprisingly cool sounds.
I got no musical ear, anyways. Playing a pure tone besides, it appears to be a G.

Also, I’m so much of a BF3 fanboi that I’ve set the distorted sound as my Windows logoff sound.
With your permission I’ll cut the beginning and set it as my Windows startup sound.

lol that’s not a bad sound to log-off to, might do the same :)
cut, copy, mix as you please ;).

i’m sure the game will run fine on a 5870 or the nvidia equivalent, the only thing you really need is to upgrade your cpu if it’s still a C2D, i went from a c2d e6600 oc’ed to 3ghz to an i7 2600k at 4.2ghz, now everything runs smooth even BFBC2 at 5760x1080 (eyefinity resolution for my 3 monitors), so i’m pretty sure bf3 will run fine… the 5870 is a powerful card and the new one only gives a “slight” improvement over it. of course i don’t account for dual video cards, but those have so many drivers problems with them… sad.

Great mix :) I love it :) Respect ;) Its very, very good ;)

It will be great game.

Btw. I was flying yesterday UAV over battlefield in badcompany 2 taking down enemy tanks, and this come in set i was listenning:

Black and white screen of uav, all the shootout down there below. And i thought “WoW”. And moment later some sniper shoot me down :P