Beep Street

i have never really heard much of tom jenkinsons’ work before but i came accross this song and omg it is truely amazing so well constructed and everything, im sure he’s sampling the amen in it, if it is it’s so well pieced together never in a million years would i ever be able to use the amen so well as he is doing in this, the drums blend in so well with the rest of the song, do any of you know what synth he is using also cause its got such an emotional feeling to it. what a truely amazing track lol

The Pusher of Squares

I checked out the tune on Youtube,and someone has made a music video about their lives, evidentally. A boy and a girl, in love apparently. Judging from the video they are very freeminded and creative, e.g. they get married wearing superhero costumes,hehe.

very inspirational.

Check it out.

yeah i went on that it its got the girl laying naked on the bed dont think it was really intended, the live version of pusher is pretty cool looks like a hippy though lol