Beginner question

when you record a note in the wrong place and you have to drag it somewhere else , is there a button to press and move it up with the arrow buttons its so annoying using the mouse thanks people
this programs awesome

There’s a tool that will nudge selected notes up or down, and you can bid it to a key stroke.

I can’t find a link to the tool though : (

ahhhh i want that , tbh that should be a thing would make it easier than grabbing with mouse , which is a track pad on my laptop , i record notes in via my midi controller but ocassionally some get in the wrong place , anyone know what tool @James_Britt is talking about thanks guys ? knowing my luck its probably not compatable with new version

I think it was this one here but can’t find download links

ah man i need this tool in my life please someone find it lol

Send him a message

on it already thanks @stoiximan dont think he has been on for a bit though hopefully he will reply soon maybe he has that inside one of his other tools

Even if there are a few more steps you can:

  • Move to a place with arrows
  • Shift+Right to select the note (or Shift+Down to select a group of notes)
  • Ctrl+C to Copy the selection or Ctrl+X to Cut the selection
  • Move where you want with arrows, even on another track
  • Ctrl+V to Paste the previous selection

With a bit of practice I’m sure it can be efficient…

bit more long winded though but thanks coz that involves deleting the original note cheers bud

com.renoise.nudge.xrnx (1.5 KB)

Zipped up from my local files. All usual caveats about code from unknown sources apply. : )

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