Beginner Transferrind From Lsdj

hi people! i’m into tracking with software such as littlesounddj (on gameboy), pollytracker (on c64), prophet64, and have very little experience on milkytracker. yeah, these sound A LOT like a 8-bit guy, but i also can call myself and expert when it comes to ableton live and fruitloops :P and produce different projects like a postrock band, a french electro project, a portisheadesquie triphop band and i used to produce breakcore too!

from the old days, i remember it’s said Renoise being a very suitable program for producing break-something genre, mainly because it’s so easy to contruct breakbeats without a beatslicer plugin (as i remember, there was a command that lets you choose which position the playhead starts to play from the wave you use, though i dont remember the command :D)

when it comes the trackers, i know littlesounddj very well and am familiar with the commands of it, my question is, will it be hard to switch to renoise to produce breakcore, as a guy who uses littlesounddj as a tracker?

it will be an eaasy move to the higher bits :D
renoise is very suitable for everything, especially those who prefer DIY composition opposed to squishy probability based stuff, although that works in renoise too via several developers that have made tools for such things.

the command you are speaking of is called sample offset, it is 09XX. “XX” being the location in the sample.

also visit youtube and search “renoise” -for tips and tricks.