Beginner Video Tutorial suggestion

I am new to Renoise and I accidentally came across the link to the Beginner Video Tutorial near the bottom of the download page.

The video is awesome and you should really put another link to it right underneath (or near) the download buttons so new users will see it when they go to download.

I went to the download page, clicked download button and never scrolled down to see what else was on the page.

Or another suggestion would be that when you click download button, it starts the download but also redirects to a page with the video tutorial embedded, so it starts playing immediately.

My reason for making these suggestions is that I wasted a couple hours trying to figure out Renoise and could not figure anything out on my own, so finally decided to read the manual and accidentally came across the video tutorial. I watched the video tutorial and it was excellent at showing me all the basics that I needed to know.

I think you would have a lot more people stick around and use it if the video was something that they saw right away.


+1 except for the ‘playing immediately’ part.
There are people in existence that would consider a video on a website that starts playing with all kinds of beeps and/or speaking in english accents, without their asking for it, an unpleasant surprise (especially if you switched tabs and need to ‘look for’ what tab the sound is coming from).