Beginners Midi Editing Question

cause i didnt get a reply the first time, i hope its ok to ask again.

i have been using loads of hosts over the time, my first was protracker on amiga. so, a return to trackers wouldnt be hard for me :)

renoise really is fascinating. the only big problem for me is midi notes editing.
my problem: i cant see a way to select a midi noteOn message and the corresponding midi noteOff message in one go. for example, i want to delete a note, move a note and keep its length, etc. all without doing the same edit operation for the noteOn and the noteOff message twice.
this really puts me off. i left behind this kind of midi editing when i was entering midi messages in tiny hardware midi sequencers displays. well, maybe i am too much used to piano rolls.

maybe i am missing here something essential?


Hi A909,
Apologize for the lack of answer.

I hope the following helps you out:
(Midi) note off events, are send for the last note entered in the note-column where the last note was triggered.
If you are working with VSTi plugins or MIDI devices, a new note entered in the same note-column as the previous note, will automatically send a note off for the previous played note in the note-column to the plugin/device making the plugin/device following the release procedure attached to the note-off action.

For plugins and midi devices, adding a two digit note-cut effect command in the volume or panning column, also allows you to send a note-off event to the plugin / midi device before the end of the current line.
In the song settings you can define how many ticks a line should consist of (can vary up to 16 (0 to F)). I think you might still remember the ticks rearding pattern effect commands and this hasn’t changed much…

This way you don’t have to raise your LPB-value in order to be able to send a note-off to a specific note before the next note starts on the next line. (I guess this is what you may be looking for here from the looks of your question)

If you are working with internal Renoise instruments based upon samples, a new note will execute a release action determined by the NNA type set for the sample that is currently being played:

NNA was a feature that (I believe!) appeared first in Impulse Tracker allowing to execute gracefull release trails to previously playing samples without cutting them.

I usually use mouse to select note + note off, and copy/paste using ctrl+x/c/v - or just drag the selection to a new position. Works ok for me.

Some kind of auto select for note and attached velocity and note off would be nice in a future version of Renoise.

Either the above method, or using Backspace and Insert to delete and insert all lines either side of the note/note off even (EG Backspace above Note, Insert below Note Off will move the Note up a line and preserve length.)

Neither are that tidy. A keyboard combination to hold while clicking and dragging the Note to preserve length (IE move Note Off as well) would be quite a nice addition.

thanks a lot for the extensive replies.
didnt notice the auto-noteOff-if-in-same-column-behavior, thanks.

will try the suggested editing procedures, and there is loads to explore anyways.