Beginners Videos

I’ve been trying to get chums into Renoise and its tricky finding the tutorial videos. Your site doesnt work either Vv. :wacko:
I downloaded them from IT Aliens host site, and my work computer wouldn’t play them.
Didnt they used to be embedded, wouldn’t this make it more accessible for beginners?

Try this site for now…

I’m trying to open it but currently some legal issues are keeping the site down.
I have to redo the video’s anyway but spare-time is a very rare phenomenon in my life currently.

Some are indeed embedded, like building the sample based instrument and building an instrument using a vst instrument

Do you think we can have more beginner or advance videos concerning renoise dsp chain. It took me a while to really understand the dsp effects and why these tools are important.

That depends on how you want to use the effects. For some, a basic use can be made (like keytracking, velocity, MIDI CC, VST automate and LFO)

The “Why are they important” question is not something anyone likely could put a good answer for it in a video, since that is up to you to decide where and why. The general answer to that question is that these effects exist so you can arrange your tracks to give them a spot in the audio space but there are no real ground rules how to apply them.
If i put in a video one way to use an effect, i’ll leave out lots of other basic uses for the same effect. (still excluding thousands of other possibilities in conjunction with other effects or self-standing).

They give you the ability to conduct and develop your own style in music making, in that matter they are important:to extend your own level of distinction