Behavior Of Automation Area

i meant this to be a usage question, but it seems it may be more of a feature request.

am wondering if there is any way to insert a point between 2 nodes using the automation env. spline to denote the new node value? this would be so useful!!

with that, is there any way at all to insert a node based on the value of the automation env. spline?

i found how we can select an area of node columns & put a scalable curve in it, very nioce! ;D
maybe it could be possible to have either another group of presets or the current group also be able to save selections could they also be scalable?

ah ha! i figured out the problem of why i couldnt get those nodes in there.

-have to turn off the focus.

this is so very nice!

but now i cant figure out how to get
ctrl+alt+E, &
to confine itself to the outer most lying node values of the selection.