Bendish - Το κρεβάτι του Μιχάλη

A little e.p.

I only used Renoise and tried to keep tracks down to a minimum which was the challenge after coming from Cubase and making songs with 200 + tracks.

Each track is just some breaks and one or two synths.

The aim of the e.p was to free myself up from Cubase and learn Renoise…and have fun!–2


This breaks are legit. The stop and go is very unpredictable. Good work! At times I feel like the synths didn’t fit. I do like the change ups though… sick

Great to place limitations on your self! I’ve started doing something similar, only use a 909 and 3 synth tracks and it pushes you to be creative

Interesting work. It all sounds organic and natural. The sound contains a lot of elements which build the composition, but they do not confront and mix well.