Best Composing Renoise Drug

What is your favourite composing drug? Green Tea? Sherbert? Sugar? Chocolate Milk? Love? ;)

… Should Renoise registration come with a complimentary packet of rollies?

The best would be none at all or some serious doses of coffee, the most popular, however, would have to be the one you appear to have been exposed to before taking that latest avatar photo :)

I resemble that comment.


The best composing drug is sleep deprivation.

I strongly disagree. It would be a drug in the sense some might think I was addicted, but anyway, the Internet absolutely kills any inspiration IMHO. The better connection I have, the less I create.

I used to inhale pistachios, but as it takes two hands to shuck them, you can’t go parallel. It’s pistachio, then track, then pistachio, pistachio, track, track, track.

It seems tracking au naturel works best for me since any “drugs” just interfere.

A roundhouse from Chuck Norris.

if i ever come up with great ideas, i have to be either really, really happy or very, very sad. i am the second part now… and it seems to get me going… havent produced this much in a while. hurray for depressions :D

I find it hard to write about nothing, so it generally has to be something. You can write about objects, like pens and cups and coffee, and t-shirts and shoes and phones and mouses, and tea-cups (that’s been done) … or you can write about emotions.

Now emotions are much easier to associate with music. If I am in an ambivalent mood, then I find it a little hard to get going. If I have to write, like a paid job, or whatever, then I will put myself in a mood, just to get going. I’m sure that concept is not out of the ordinary; actors have to do the same thing.

Putting yourself into a certain mood doesn’t always help either.

I wanted to create something psychotic and fearfull while I was not in that mood.
But when i was picturing myself being attacked by swarms of pesting bee’s of which i could not escape (i’m not easily scared of much but a pack with millions of aggressive insects are not my daily joy) I actually couldn’t do anything since i don’t want to be confronted with my fears too much and not over and over again.

But then again I would not see myself sitting with Renoise on a laptop in a technical elevator outside a skyscraper either, just looking down to see how high it is and keeping myself in the “afraid of heights” fear mood.

I’ll quote you on that. :rolleyes:

i agree. When i didnt have internet connection at all, and had just my pentium 133 with 32 megs of ram + impulse tracker then i was much more productive…

lack ov intelligence
insomnia :blink:

That’s true! ROFL!

And don’t forget -

When Chuck Norris was denied a Bacon McMuffin at McDonalds because it
was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a KFC.

Orgasms helps as well. :P


a little little bit of weed. not enough to make you stoned, just to start turn the head a little bit.

I’m a bit clean of weed these days, it brought me great tunes though.
when I was younger I tracked even when I was drunk, but nowdays if I’m drunk I don’t have energy left to compose.

I find my muse in depression, anger and sollitude.

so it’s a shame Renoise makes me so happy !

I often smoke the green and compose. It helps a lot with the repetitive tasks like copy and pasting, or slight changes to automation throughout tunes. Does make things generally sound better and slightly deafen ears so always worth listening to what you’ve done in the next morning before you start smoking again though…

As to other drugs. Not really tried much, but I know most of the ones I take on even a semi-regular basis make it hard enough to even look at or read a monitor, let alond try and concentrate on it enough to compose a tune, so I think I will stick to just the green and maybe an occasinal beer :D

I smoked a big blunt one time, managed to track for about ten minutes and then sat infront of my pc for about an hour thinking “It would be sooooo cool if I could add this/that to my song” … then I went to bed. thats why I dont overdose when I try to make music.

and for other drugs, I cant have wine (would like to maybe, but I have to puke after one glass), and I wont try any artificial/hard drug, so I stick with beer and the occasional weed.

I currently avoid all alchohol and substances like marijuana, dxm, etc.

My current employer drug tests frequently without warning. Also last time I smoked some “blueberry” and only had like two or three half-ass tokes and it was so strong I could barely think straight.