Best Composing Renoise Drug

I do know somebody who used to do a lot of ketamine and write hardcore gabber/speedcore. Not seen him in a long time (and not really sure I want to.)

A good friend of mine used to do a ton of k. He wrote really wild stuff before ever taking it so I cannot say it was the k.

The first time I saw Panacea spinning live was in Miami (he was also punching random stuff and acting crazy) and my friend was so high he disappeared during the entire show.

He was evidently sitting in the corner somewhere having an OBO or some shit. K-hole? I don’t know, but when I noticed him after the show he had vomited on a portion of his shirt.

That was one of the best shows I have been to.

Second time I saw Panacea he lost a ton of weight, looked like he was going for some backstreet boy looking image, and played stuff that was so weak I was going to vomit.

As a matter of fact he mixed in some backstreet boy parts if I am not mistaken.

I’ve still never seen panacea. Used to be one of the people I wanted to see more than any other. Tron still stands out as one of the best records ever (and I must track down another version on vinyl after loosing mine at czech tek this year.)

Have seen that he’s played a couple of gigs I could of made to fairly recently, but from what I’ve heard recently it just hasn’t seemed worth it. Chaged his name to The Panacea and gone down hill and soft. Some of the old schooly bits are alright, but not all that, and better when he was mashing it into the hardcore rave with German Engineering etc…

and stop reminding me of loosing my tunes :(

As to K. It can be fun occasionally. Morning at the end of a mental party, when it’s starting to get light, and you just stumble around for an hour or so. I know far too many people that do it every party (or even day) non-stop. To be honest it’s not a very friendly drug once people get into this stage, and no matter what people try and tell you it is addictive. But I digress…