Best Ram For High-End Daw

I know this isn’t a computer tech forum, but I figured some might have some insight into what would make a good DAW.

I’m building a new high-end system currently with the following:

Cooler Master COSMOS 1000
Asus P6X58D Premium
Intel Core i7 950

I’m stuck between choosing between two RAM modules:

OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Intel® i7 Triple Channel Rev.2
Corsair CMX6GX3M3C1600C7

Both are triple channel 6 GB kits. They are the only good 1600 MHz kits available in New Zealand so I’m limited to these two (I’m also fixed on this frequency). The Corsair is approximately $75 USD more expensive, the only difference being that it runs at latencies of 7-8-7-20, whereas the OCZ is 8-8-8-24. Is it really worth paying the extra money?

Imo it is NOT worth the extra money. Since your system will handle Renoise easily with both kinds of RAM. It will run smoothly as frick with maximum 10 - 15 % CPU usage if you do not plan to work with 128 LPB and 256 tracks at once… ;)

I’m just here to point out if you’re still using a 32bit OS, more than 4 gigs will go to waste. If you’re using a 64bit the limit is 8* gigs or more.

edit: the list for all current versions of Windows OS.

Vista home and 7 home basic 32bit are limited to 8 gigs according to this list. Having over 8 gigs for music production on a personal computer sounds like an overkill to me anyways.

Out on a limb I’d go with the cheaper one. But if you want to be sure google both products for reviews, in case one of them seems more faulty than the other

Thanks for the replies, people. I will go 64-bit since, well, I’d have at least 6 GB of RAM (contemplating 12 GB after recently getting back into producing) and will want it to be as fast as possible. So far, everyone has suggested to get the lesser, cheaper one, and I’ll take all considerations into account when choosing the final RAM. Cheers.