Best results with MIDI OUT timing/latency?


I’m interested in hearing from other forum goers regarding their best experiences with Renoise as a sequencer to trigger external MIDI gear.
I’ve just started using the program, and I’d like to use it to sequence some of my hardware drum machines and samplers.

Which operating systems have you had best results with? Is Windows/Mac/Linux better for MIDI timing?
Which audio/MIDI interfaces have you had best results with? I’m in the market for one.

Midi timing also matters on the audio gear that you have, windows / mac / linux doesn’t really matter much regarding that.
If you need midi-routing capabilities, then here is where currently Linux and Mac do a better job out-of-the-box. On Windows you can use third party drivers like copperlan to get midi routing going.
If you don’t have midi gear yet, i would go out and check some in music stores to see how they work out in general (what are input responses, output responses, how is audio latency in relationship to the output of external gear etc.).