Best Small Midi Keyboard

They sure are :)

It’s also possible to map them in other interesting ways, like assigning them to MIDI CC instead of triggering notes, so you can adjust effect parameters based on how hard you hit the pads. Pretty fun!

Stop making me envious dblue. I could have SO much fun with that.

On my master I’ve got 3 of my mini plug-ins: Stretcher2, TapeStop, and Reverser.
The Trigger parameter for each effect is mapped to its own pad, set to toggle on/off when I tap it.
Then I have the X/Y surface mapped to the Speed and Grain Size parameters in Stretcher.
Quite fun :)

I have been tempted to get one of those Remote 25 (or possibly larger but probably not) SL for a while. Have always looked decent bits of kit and not sure if anything has quite beaten them yet at price and size…

I’d have gone for one of those but just couldnt afford the desk room.
The knobs and sliders on the remote sl versions are really good.

Think my next purchase is probably a Behringer BCR2000, then maybe I can work out what is wrong with the broken one I never got to use due to Turnkey being less than useless when I tried to get them to do something when it arrived not working. Still do get tempted by the Remote SL quite often though…

Hmm, I’m thinking about selling my Axiom (got it on a really low price, so I think I could even profit out of it) and buying that Novation you got dblue, looks far more interesting to me.

And lol I do that trigger thing with your stretcher too, though with my axiom it gets kinda unhandy when you also want to control other filters and stuff. It’s even easier using my Wacom tablet and Tablet 2 Midi, I do it like this: I add an XY field when I press it with the Wacom it triggers (though pressure sensitive so it’s not just On/Off omg), when moving X it trigger Hold and moving Y it changes GrainSize.

Talking about your VSTs, I’ve got a small request. :unsure:
Could you create a very simple Looper VST? Like just a trigger, tempo of the loop and that’s kind of it. :P

Can’t find it anywhere on the net. :wacko:

Believe it or not, I already have this idea written down on my notepad. I’m planning to start work on a handful of new smaller plug-ins sometime soon-ish, after I’ve made some bug fixes to Glitch, so… we’ll see.

For what it’s worth, I bet you could whip something up in SynthEdit pretty quickly.

Let me just play a nice little drum fill here on my Loland TR-L0L Rhythm Composer…

Clap… Kick… Clap-Clap… Kick… Tom Tom Rimshot Cowbell Snare Rush!

:drummer: :yeah:

But seriously… yes. I have some ninja upgrades planned for El Stretcho Magnifico :)

OK, so just to end the topic, I ordered Novation Remote SL mkII. Truckload of money, hope it’s worth it. Looks VERY cool.

Haha, same. It’s on the way…normally. Found a real good deal on a Dutch website (€300+free shipping, omg), long live the dutchies! :D

Anyone (living in Belgium, Netherlands maybe West-Germany) here that’s interested in an M-Audio Axiom 49 - as good as new? :)

Wow! That’s a really good deal. I picked it up at which is the best German shop to buy at if you’re from Poland and their prices were better than all Polish shops selling the Remote SL mkII I could find, but still, much more than your price. Congratz!

Yes, I might :)

I sent you a PM. :)

Check out the Behringer UMA25S. I just bought one and I love it. It has a built-in audio interface, knobs and buttons… comes with a free headphone/mic headset which isn’t actually that bad at all… and a free carry bag! I love it as its USB powered unlike the old Oxygen keyboard I used to have. Very cheap, cool red - awesome keyboard for the price.

small 2 octave keyboard …oh wait, you want an uber synth also , and a sexy colour finish ?
Nord modular g1 keys !!
…way better built then all the plastic crap made in c…

No. :P

My SL mkII arrived recently and it frikkin rocks. Now I can get back to making music… Finally.

Ouch 400 euros for a 2 octave midi controller …
Why didn’t you go for the nord modular keys, you can assign cc’s to the knobs as well, and have a great synth …
Anyway , each his bag of thea

I didn’t even consider the nord because it’s a synth, not a midi keyboard and I don’t want a synth. I’t also bigger, heavier, has less controllers and is more expensive and hard to buy. I don’t want used equipement.