Bet Your Life - Intro

Way back in the day I was an active composer in the MSX scene, where I created music for games, demos and various other projects. All on a good ol’ 9 channel AM/FM chip with a simple 8bit ADPCM sampler (it was called the Philips Music Module, a pre-pre-prequel of Yamaha’s OPL3 chip, if you want to know). One of the very first games I created music for was Bet Your Life, an 8bit clone of the SNES game Smash TV.

Looking back that music wasn’t so good and didn’t fit the game very well. Except for the intro, which I still like a lot. Fast forward to 2013, to the age of Renoise and VSTs that I now use. After almost 20 years I decided to give this Bet Your Life intro a make over and the result turned into this kinda weird mix of dancy/pop, symphonic en dubstep.

Anyways, without further ado, the song. C&C welcome of course.