Beta Eta

Even a rough estimate would be good. We’ve already been told “this year”, but give us an indication how confident the devs are with the alpha testing. I can’t, and I’m sure many others can’t, survive the “NE teasing” thats been going around here.

Keen to work hard for the Beta, as always ;)

summer is almost over, schoolyear started again here, new television programming aswell, not to forget the start of the new footballseason.

a new renoise would fit in nicely :)

You can prepare yourself to explore some 70 changes (fixes, addons and expansions) in difference to 1.5.2.
I’m sure it will keep you all busy for a while.
Let’s just hope that Beta testing doesn’t take as long as it took with 1.5 before the final could be handed out.
So hopefully final will be out before Christmas.

but maybe it would be too much for you … school, tv, football … i think that’s enough … the new renoise version could be the overdose :P :D

Yeah, that’s why I sold my tv, quit the job, and being located in very deep Siberia - I’m the alfa tester.

P.S. everything said above is actually true.

yes - is it possible to live in Siberia without a job and having electricity, an apartment, food … i should migrate to Siberia maybe … sounds good and your pics about your countryside are lovely (including the russian trash within) ;)

(but i think it’s too cold in Siberia ;) )

Thanks gents, that was the info I was after. :)

A few aspects of NE will revolutionise my approach to song writing and I’m sure I’m keen as many are to get that process started.

70 changes? I knew it was high, but not THAT high?!? What a mamoth effort.

A lot of ideas has been added above the planned ones, during alpha testing, this is why the alpha testing took so extra long. If i count the monthly WIP messages and include the time of the first few alpha’s without these updates this is pretty much one year of work altogether.
And if included betatesting won’t take too long (but ofcourse a small team of testers won’t have all the plugs and all the different thinking and handling patterns of all registered users), it may make this a total of 1.5 years to get it to final.