Better Dual Monitor Support

I know that this will improve when we are able to have more than one VSTi / FX window open at a time in 1.3(?) but what I would really love is a dual monitor mode! It would be great to have the pattern editor on one monitor and the sample or envelope editor on the other!

I have no idea how much work this might involve or how many people would use it, but it would certainly make me a happy man.


well, it would be possible if the pattern/sample editor can be put in a seperate window, which then can be put on your second monitor. However, I am happy that with 1.3 I can atleast fill my second screen with VST-Windows, that will be a big improvement.

sorry for bumping such an ancient thread, but this is something i’ve been wanting for a while now.
has this been looked at or discussed in any other threads? curious to know what some cons or unknown pros would be.
the ability to use my second monitor as more than a VST dump would be nice!

i think also it would very cool if i could send the mixer tab to the other monitor, or to have the sample editor in the other monitor while i do some 09XX experimentation.

i imagine that it gets complicated with window focussing and stuff though