Better LFO / shuffle

Like the LFO Tools by steve duda. Well, sort of. Its wouldnt be too hard to make it syncable without the need of the reset command?

Useful if you want to make some of this “modulation madness” where you make the lfo control various controls on the VST synth AND some VST effects at the same time, so to speak… Like the cutoff on the synth and the cutoff on the effect.

I could of course just buy the lfo tool, but… Sort of cooler to have it directly in Renoise.

If i’ve not misunderstood everything, this isnt possible, right?

The other thing is the shuffle/groove thing. Important stuff to make things more “musical”, like MPC kindof shuffle withing the track… Not the whole song.

If anyone got some ideas how to do this, tell me!!

Instead of just mentioning a piece of software external to Renoise and assuming people are conversant with it try and make sure you always explain exactly what it is you want to do with a suggestion, and if you do want to compare to an external project at least include a link as well!

EDIT additional (after a quick Google search and skim-reading):

What does this do that a combination of LFO+Hydra would achieve, or at least come very close to?

I also don’t think it will work with Renoise…

Renoise has no routing of MIDI from effects as of yet does it?

Well. What i’m really after is just a syncable lfo device with the ability to controll different parameters on different effects/synths at the same time.

Thats the link to lfo tool i’m talking about. The point is we dont need the filters and stuff, just the synced lfo. That way i would send the lfo to a hydra, then send the hydra to my synth, effect etc. and have a lot of different modulation possibilities.

Same with this VST:

Send the lfo to a hydra and modulate “everything”. The LFO in renoise can do this but according to me its necesarry to have it synced to the bpm.

LFo to Hydra and you can send to more destinations than the effect you are talking about!

Native LFO is obviously tempo synced! You set it’s repeat rate in Lines Per Cycle and you have a number of Lines Per Beat. So where is the dificulty with having it cycling in time with the beat? You might want to use a Reset command at the first line to have it always start at the same point. Right click on Reset to automatically enter this as a Pattern Effect Command.

So I still don’t see what you want to do that can’t be very easily achieved natively!

If thats the case i’m stupid and ashamed and regret starting this thread! Will try it again tonight, last time i tried the lfo wasnt synced to tempo but i might have done something wrong…

I assume the effect you linked is somehow intelligently hard synced. IE it tries to work out what it considers beat 1 and always has the LFO playing from the same point on those beats. Renoise wont do this I’m afraid.

BUT with the Reset command you can reset it to any point (well one of 256 divisions) when you want. But if you do this on the first pattern of a song and then try and play from a later pattern it will not check back to the last reset and take the relevant position. Therefore you are going to want to (at least temporarily) put reset commands on patterns where you are starting playback while composing and need the LFO to have synced position at the time.

Autoseek for LFO Phase could be a viable suggestion though. It would have to check back for last Reset command and then take into account any changes of LFO Frequency between then and current position. I can see this realistically needing even more calculating than Autoseek for samples though…

Thats it! Hardsynced. To be honest the midishaper i linked isnt that expensive, so i might get that! Or of course, use the reset command…

As I said I don’t think it will work with Renoise as you can’t route MIDI from effects. Have you tested a demo or anything?

Na, havent tried it yet. Will test the demo first of course! Cheers!

no, this

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