Better Midi Quantization

If you look at the big sequencers, quantisation always only effects the note on/off triggers, but not the automation. It would be nice if we could enable quantization only for the note-events, not for pitchbend, automation etc.

Maybe a button with 3 states: off, on for notes, on for all (notes + automation).

And I also would like to see the quantization numeric stepper always enabled. Maybe like more grey for quantization disabled, but still changeable. This makes sense, because if I want to quantize not in realtime, I want to choose the stepwidth. But I always have to enable the quantization button first. Makes no sense.

This would be also very helpful, if the quantization only was correcting the note-ons and not the note-offs. As far I as I got it, Renoise quantizes note-on and note-off, if enabled. So I everytime have to disable quantization, record midi, manually quantize only note-on. That’s quite annoying workflow imo…