Better Mousewheel Support

Great work on 2.5, I’m in awe of you guys!

It would be great if all sliders could have mouse wheel support.

All these would benefit from support for mouse wheel:

  • The regular horizontal sliders
  • The mini-sliders
  • The smaller vertical volume-slider at the end of the DSP-chain
  • The large vertical mixer slider in the mixer view

Actually, any component with right/left-arrows should have mouse wheel support, like the combo-boxes etc.
A few combo-boxes have support, like the ones under “Instrument Settings”->“Sample Properties”. But others don’t, like the “Routing” in Track/Vol/Pan

Agree +1

The reason why the sliders don’t support mouse wheels, is that for example the track DSP chain scrolls with the wheel. We can’t have / do both here, this would be just confusing.


Are we absolutely sure that we prefer to scroll the entire DSP-chain instead of individual parameters? Personally I’d prefer the latter.

Thats how it works in most applications and also everywhere else in Renoise -> Sample Editor, PattrernEditor, Instrument List and so on…

yeah okay, but is it useful? I just tried it, and compared to clicking and dragging the slider it’s very slow and choppy on top of that… does anyone really use it? But more importantly:

Are you sure? I just checked out Bibble 5 - right hand pane, lots of sliders. When you resize the window so there is a scroll bar, mousewheel anywhere in the pane, it scrolls the pane. When the cursor is over a slider inside the pane, mousewheel changes the slider.

So I’d contest “We can’t have / do both here, this would be just confusing.”… it depends on the areas used of course, but it works just fine in Bibble.

How about:

alt + mousewheel for sliders?

Not bothered about the mousewheel adjusting sliders but I would like to see support for the Horizontal wheel. In Pattern Editor/matrix etc you often have possibility to scroll left/right as well as up/down but for some reason the horizontal wheel does nothing…

Is it really? I would say that most applications alter mousewheel behaviour depending on where the mouse-pointer is positioned when starting the wheel-action. Take Firefox where I’m writing this: If I hover the mouse outside this textarea, the wheel scrolls the entire page. Hover inside the textarea and it scrolls only that, hover a combo-box and the current item changes, etc.

Is it possible to have Renoise behave the same way, wheel on top of slider affects the slider, wheel in an area outside affects the current pane etc.

There are also places where I doubt the mousewheel would ever affect anything else, like the volume-slider at the top left corner.

In case the above won’t work, this might be a nice alternative.

Renoise behaves the same way. Cursor above the pattern editor scrolls the pattern editor, cursor above the matrix scrolls the matrix, cursor above the instrument list scrolls through instruments, same for DSPs etc etc.

I personally wouldn’t like that. Would have to very carefully position the cursor in a position not above a value you can change rather than quickly moving it to the correct field and moving the mouse wheel.

Only way I could see it working at all would be something along the line of if you click on a slider the mouse wheel will then move this slider. Once the most pointer has moved a certain distance (can’t be zero as with a normal mouse you are always going to get small movements when using the wheel) the wheel stops being associated with the fader.

Agreed, I posted about horizontal mouse wheel support here:

At least this suggestion still stands, if nothing else can be agreed upon.

alt/ctrl/… + wheel = affects the underlying component (slider/combo-box)