Better Plugins's Window


It would be great to have a favorite plugins’s window, as we have all tons of plugins inside Renoise.

Ardour does it good…as you can sort the plugins by name, by type, etc…and add them to a favorite view…

Don’t know if this was already in a topic, but hey, that is better twice than nothing… ;)


workaround: save your favourite VST plugins as XRNI files with informative names into a folder preset. this is how I do it.


Thanxs for the tip It-Alien…

But does it work under Linux with Ladspa ?

Can you explain more how you are doing this, please.


Well, you already can rename plugins in Renoise. If you want them to show up as first plugs, simply name them to “.MyPlugins:Plugin” or “.Favorites:Plugin” (or whatever with a “.” prefix).

Thanxs Taktik !!

I think I have understand now !

Well, but it doesn’t replace my subject topic, isn’t it ? ;)


I would quite like it to display by effect type (also for instruments I guess) but this would require renaming every single one. A way to view by file structure could help with this, although at the moment mine isn’t sorted at all as I only really use Renoise and it doesn’t benefit from doing so…

since LADSPA plugins are effects, not instruments, the workaround would be less effective because, although you can save DSP chains using the Disk Operations panel as XRNT files, loading an XRNT file will overwrite the curerntly present DSP chain. So taktik’s suggestion is surely better in your case

It would be even more wonderful if it was possible to export and import the renaming. I use 3 systems and I’d have to do all the renaming 3 times if I wanted to organize my plugins. Also, when I reinstall I have to do all the renaming again.

I think you can copy the configuration files maybe? Or atleast parts of them.

That is simply a matter of copying the CachedVSTs.db database from your “…\application data\renoise\v[versionnumber]” folder to the same folder on your other systems. Considering the idea you have all the same amount of plugins on each system and each system is has the same platform. (meaning is at least all windows or all Mac or all Linux, regardless of the edition)

I think a better plugin browser would be nice at some stage down the line