Better Vst Fx View


With the all of the vst fxs, having all of them in a row is sometimes a mess,

i’d like to suggest the vstfx displayed under the folder they are in.

lets say the x company’s fxs be available under a folder x. so u click to x then the fxs show up…

this has been suggested several times before.
just to give you three examples:…b88731eeb65220f…a5d4a1c39ae10a4…f45b707e4b36194

but i absolutely still agree (more than ever even) - vst sorting / dir management would be a very time-saving feature.

ohh sorry…

No Problem. The “search”-feature of this board was a pain for me, too :)

Hope this post will remind devs one more time about this suggestion.
BTW I’m totally agree and already supported this idea… But dev’s just forgeting to implement it…

yes definatly we need it organized but also the vst(i)'s not only vst-fx.


sry for bugging :unsure:

not only that. 713 vst 282 vsti …ive worn a couple of scrollwheels out. :D
till i bought xt. only a few plugs in renoise and all (with dir management) in xt

but i second that. its a [simple] overdue feature nowadays. ;)

i pray for that

So we all praying hard !