Beyonce - End Of Time Remix Compo

heads up:

"Don’t forget to share your remix with your friends because we’ll be looking at the top 50 submissions with the most votes to determine a winner. "

It’s cool to have a shot at a Beyoncé remix, but these kind of contests are just a way to get people to look at harvest emails, and hype the album.

Even if your track is dope you have to spend most of your time getting clicks on someone else’s behalf. It’s a variant of “Street Team” marketing.

It would be nice to see a contemporary get this, though. Good luck to all who enter.

yep, you’re right, just a heads up for those that might be interested. Haven’t listened to the stems myself yet, probably also wont contribute…though maybe mangled vocal samples can be useful for original work?

I spent some time yesterday listening through some entries, and I’m already sick sick sick of those vocals. Was considering making an entry but i don’t know if i can stomach it…

I just had a laugh with it :yeah:

“Winner must be at least eighteen (18) years old as of February 8, 2012.”

“Winner must be at least eighteen (18) years old”

“at least eighteen (18) years old”

“eighteen (18) years old”

“eighteen (18)”



Okay, I surrender! Sigh… I’m 16 and a Renoiser and I’m already a loser.


In my book that makes you a winner :)