Biannual Reformat And Renoise Down The Tubes

My poor computer was fraught with every virus known to man (I love windows XP). I had to do my BiAnnual reformat and one of the things I lost was my beloved Renoise. I registered about 2 months ago with my Discover card. I don’t know what your policy is about lost keys but any help would be much appreciated.

login to your user pages and download it again :) remember to make a back up this time.

maybe i am retarded but where is the login page. I have looked for half an hour and cannot find it on the renoise site.

Its on
If you have lost your pasword, try the password rescue on

If you still cannot login, contact me and let me know under wich name you registered, then I will resend the registration to you.

I have an itch that he will write another message containing something like “what, there is already a 1.281 ? I thought 1.23 is the latest !” :D

or what if he wrote something like “W0000t 1.5 beta, GREAT stuff!!!” :)