Big Bang (dnb?)

Hello everyone! :)

This is my first song made in Renoise. Apart from the drums, its mostly empty, except for the bass and a flangered synth sound. Get it here.

Comments/criticism/whatever welcome! :)

not bad for a first song :) but drums are tooo week, make them smash HARDER!! like this :drummer:

You mean I must increase the volume?

Not bad for a 1st in Renoise at all, sounds like you’re getting the hang of handling breaks. I actually think the drums remind me of some of omni trio’s older stuff and are actually quite good, (although the start points of some of the hits are set a bit to early). I would say the bassline definitely needs to be less overpowering though, does it have reverb on it? Perhaps trying a different sound for it might help.

Glad you liked it. I am mainly a drums guy, and I don’t know much about tunes and melody (I am learning though). And no, the bass does not have reverb.

no i dont mean that you should just turn up the volume, although compared to subbass drums could be louder, but imo drums are just way too weak. they sound to me like sewing machine or something. Compare those drums to some d’n’b cd that you have and you will know what i mean

Yeah, I understood what you’re saying. I will look about that in my next song (too lazy and late in the night to continue this one know). :)