Big Thanks To Dev Of Renoise

Yop ! I would like to thanks the developer(s ?) of renoise, this is really a superb program for linux, i am so impressed i have bought my copy today ;) ( I have discover it three days ago, time to test the demo ).

Renoise + jack + zynaddsubfx is a beautiful way to make some noise under linux :)

Thanks !! :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

Welcome to Renoise. :D

Thanks for the nice works. Its again and again a real pleasure to get feedback like this!

I can’t say it enough, thank you taktik, for porting the best music application around!

Didn’t saw this thread at first look… so, I’ll post here too :)
At first I would like to thank developers… Thank You So Much! I waited for it something about 2 years… And Renoise Is Came surpassing all my expectations… At first look it works faster than on Windows… And one of the great things is original Renoise GUI!
So, when I find some money I’ll buy licence as I promised.
Thank You again!

Yes, we don’t say this enough - a big applause to Taktik + everybody involved in supporting Renoise!

The Linux version means that there’s even more freedom of choice
What other audio sequencer can say that they have all the major computer platforms covered?

For such a small team, that’s an amazing feat! :yeah:

I was actually rubbing my eyes when I saw the Linux download link on the front page today. As someone who really uses Linux day-in day-out, I really appreciate the effort you put into this. Thanks!

My jaw dropped when I saw the Linux announcement on the front page! I haven’t visited the renoise site in a while now (have had precious little time for music in the past year).

I have always loved renoise, but have not used it seriously because of the windows/OS X requirements. I think I’ll be buying it after my next paycheck!


unbelievable :w00t: !

i downloaded the linux-demo last night and it really blew me away !!!

i’ve been working with linux-audio for about four years now, and i have hardly seen
a native audio-application of such quality before !

i’m gonna buy a copy as soon as possible (i’m a poor student), but
in the meantime i’ll play around with the demo, and i hope i can help by testing the software
and reporting bugs.

i use renoise on the following system:

-ubuntu linux 2.6.22-14-rt i686 on a 2.2 ghz intel dualcore
-jackd version 0.103.0
-freebob version 1.0.0
-presonus firepod

it works perfect.

thanks a lot for this amazing piece of work - it points in a very good direction for linux as an audio-platform.


Yes a big thank you here also. Awesome stuff. Now to get native VST/VSTi’s working out of the box ;)

If that is regarding Native VST plugins in Linux i should say:download the sources of the VSTs and start debugging ;)

Hi all,

I just discovered Renoise for Linux some days ago and want to add my voice of praise to the mix. I’m blown away about how well it works. It seems the developers took great care to adhere to established ways of doing things in Linux, which is not always the case when a first Linux version of an application comes out, so thanks for that, and of course, many many many thanks for doing the Linux port.

I’m using the 1.9.1b4 demo and everything just works smoothly. I’m a new user still learning my ways around this fine software so I’m not sure how things are supposed to work, but how they do work feels sensible and well thought out.

I’m running Renoise on my dated Kubuntu Dapper 6.06 64bit with 32bit alsa 1.0.10 and manually installed 32bit jack 0.100.0, albeit not in realtime mode because I don’t have a realtime kernel installed. I still get a very acceptable latency so I’m content with the way it is so far.

Oh, and I heard about Renoise on Linux by Dave Phillips’s nice review.

Thanks again from a happy Linux user. :)

Yes, I found them a good run down on what to expect when starting to make music with Renoise. He talks about the most important steps needed and how you can be quickly up and running.

For further learning I found and downloaded the fine manual which also helps a lot. :)

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It really has to be said again and again that this isn’t just a half-assed linux port. I think, the linux community realises, that taktik is putting a lot of energy into this port so that it is a solid and truly native port.
That’s pure awesomeness! :D

a question to taktik, is renoise in Qt ?

no, Renoise has its own GUI API

Thank you for the hard work you’ve put into this. Cant wait to see how Renoise turns out. So far its like having an MPC in my computer :D

Me too. Best $50 I ever spent on music gear. The way Renoise works with samples is brilliant.

Taktik, thanks from another renoise gnu/linux user, buyed it and happy as hell, keep up the good work!

I’m using it with freebob and my FA-66 + jack naturally