Bigger Midi Control Device

Please, make the MIDI Control Device bigger in next release, current is not enough for me :panic: :w00t: !!!

Add several midi control devices!!! !!! 1111 :panic: :panic: :panic: :w00t: :drummer:

just to make sure, you do know that when you press the arrow icon on the device it shows 5 more ‘slots’ , then press it again and you get another 5…

if you already knew, then n/m

pilot7 : I know, but its still not enough for me! :D
Suva : I just thought it wouldn’t be a problem to make it bigger in the next release! Because it’s pain in… to restore 1000 presets on 1000 midi devices!
Please, devs!

1 million presets? why’ld you need to configure so much?
The MIDI area needs a large overhaul anyway, we’ll take the use and need of configuring many MIDI parameters in account during the design.