Bit Rate For Recording

Does Renoise always use 32 bit for recording? Can this be changed? My soundcard only does 24-bit/48kHz. Will there be any difference in sound quality by up-sampling?

What do you mean with recording?
Rendering a song or recording audio (e.g. with the line-in device)?
If you’re talking about rendering (“render song to disk”):
the bit-depth can be changed, simply click on the little arrow, it’s a pull down menu.

Most programs can’t deal with a 32bit (some even won’t with a 24bit) wave file either… :wink:

Renoise will record the bitrate of your soundcard’s input, but will then automatically convert this to a 32-bit float (for processing and rendering). And as Plasmaniac mentioned:You can change the bitrate of the output of your rendering and for the play-rate of your soundcard, Renoise won’t superseed that either.

Thank you. I understand now.

Yes, this was for recording with the line-in device.

So vV’s anwser was definitely the more competent one… (as usual) :lol: