Bitch On Lock

If you listen thanks for listening! I will upload the xrns on request, no vsts so you’ll be able to see the whole thing.
sampled some acid jazz off youtube and made a track with some cut up breakbeats. word, catch u later

well actually there’s only the dblue stretch vst used on the scratching. if you have that you’re golden

Lots of noise/low-fi found in there. Maybe crackles very slightly loud? Does work though. Overall nice tune, on the acid-jazz/trip-hop vibe. Go quite well with some earlier Ninja Tune stuff (although haven’t listened for ages so probably the later stuff too.)


I liked your track,it works well untill the middle where it gets a little bit to ambient for me and I think the bass is a slightly to loud and heavy. You’re samples sit well together and the scratch sounds good.